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Research and evaluation of physical and cultural characteristics of the site will influence construction plans, and resource efficient technology, systems, and materials. Relevant site characteristics may include:
  • Topographical features that influence drainage and air movement
  • Groundwater and surface runoff characteristics
  • Soil texture and characteristics (bearing, compatibility and infiltration rates)
  • Air movement patterns
  • Neighboring developments and proposed future developments
  • Parcel shape and access
  • Solar attitude and microclimate factors, e.g. snow and wind load
  • Sensitive areas such as wetlands, animal migration or mating areas, and endangered species of plants or animals
  • Neighboring cultural and architectural characteristics
  • On-site raw materials such as wood, stone, sand and clay available for construction
  • Existing trees and native vegetation
The building design phase integrates the site, floorplan, building orientation, landscaping, materials, mechanical systems, architectural characteristics, and construction practice guidelines into the optimal green home.

Building design issues typically include the following considerations:
  • Green products and materials
  • Passive solar and energy efficiency principles
  • Water efficiency and quality
  • Landscaping
  • Indoor air quality
  • Solid and hazardous waste management
  • Building codes and standards
  • Affordability and financing
Site preparation and maintenance guidelines
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