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What is Seattle Design Build?
The Seattle design build process provides an all inclusive construction package will a variety of skill sets including: Engineering, design, cost feasibility analysis, permitting and plan review, and general construction. Schenkar Construction Design Build provides our clients with a variety of services such as: Seattle Custom home construction, Seattle remodeling, Seattle bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and foundation repair, house lifting outdoor structures.

We also customize our client's visions by providing interior design consultation. The design build concept allows the client to maximize the construction process by efficiently organizing their specific projects components with one group. Schenkar Construction Design Build provides exclusive "on site" management approach. This means your project is assigned a project manager who works directly with your project and you to outline scheduling, budget, construction processes and the building of your work.
Some Examples?
Many Seattle homes have older foundations that are cracking or settling. One of our services includes pipe piling, and setting of foundations to mitigate this settling. Underpinning foundations is a very common strategy to mitigate this problem. We have a team of structural engineers, geo-technical engineers that evaluate the integrity of your foundation and make professional recommendations for solutions. You may have plans of permits already in hand for a house design of addition. Schenkar Construction has the ability to start this construction process and complete your project. In some cases, our clients are in need of architectural designs. We have a team of designers that provide consultation for design and engineering. The construction process has many different components that can be confusing. Schenkar Construction explains the process and helps the client understand the expectation of this process. We use a variety of suppliers for materials for lumber, concrete, framing, drywall, paint, roofing, siding, excavation, and others. In addition, we specifically concentrate on the development of sites. This process might call for services in site development, side sewer contractors, electrical, plumbing, and site development.
In order to gear our client's expectation of the process, we provide an initial cost feasibility analysis for an estimate range prior to bidding your project. This allows our client to figure a range of costs prior to moving forward with the design process. Some of our clients have architectural plans they wish to have permitted and reviews. We can submit these plans through the city process to guarantee a permit. During that time Schenkar Construction Design Build can provide an estimate for construction services. One of the services we provide is house lifting, raising and leveling. Many of the older Seattle homes do not have full height finished basements. We can lift the home and replace the existing foundation. At the same time we can raise the home and create a full height basement which essentially doubles the square footage of usable space in the basement. This is a fantastic way to increase your homes value and continue to build equity. In addition we focus on many smaller projects including: decks, outdoor structures, patios, landscape design, and fences. We can also complete small additions, bathroom and kitchen remodeling. We also handle drainage problems and rebuilding of drainage fields, septic systems and tighline and footing drains. The construction process can be intimidating, we at Schenkar Construction Design Build try to help our clients understand both the process and the direct and indirect costs of why projects cost what they do. We try to help educate our clients as to process and what their expectations should be. The concept of Design/Build has some very essential points that all reflect a better overall project for the owner. Budget is first determined by the general scope of the concept compared to similarly completed projects. With knowledge of costs early and budgets set, unexpected elevated costs cannot occur. More often than not, a set of independent plans that are designed with little realistic thought or knowledge of true construction costs can exceed and owner's expected costs by 60 percent or more. This, unfortunately, is not found out until the plans are put out for bid. With Design/Build the design and construction come under one contract, another plus for the owner. The designer and engineer of the construction company are unified working together making recommendations to the owner. Finally, this is usually the fastest method of completing a project.
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